Multiple Gundam series streaming online now

4:00 PM on 02.01.2010
Multiple Gundam series streaming online now photo

Everyone likes Gundam, right? One of the standbys of the industry and still a solid series even today (well, Gundam 00 season one was great, but we'll ignore season two, okay?). Bandai, in preparation of the launch of Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn) on March 12th, has begun streaming a huge amount of Gundam series online. From Gundam SEED to Z Gundam, Bandai has pretty much got you covered. The streams can be found at Crunchyroll, ANN, and YouTube or via Bandai's official Gundam Series webpage. The scheduling for seeing all these streams is actually pretty crazy, so much so that Bandai has a full chart on their site so you can see what's showing when. 

All these shows are streaming during set periods up until May 30th. Currently the two shows available are the original Mobile Suit Gundam at Crunchyroll and Mobile Suit Z Gundam at ANN. 

I'm not a diehard Gundam fan, but even I know when to not pass up a cool offer. Plus, Bandai's plan is to get us worked up for Gundam UC which I'm pretty sure is working. Who else is excited?

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