Namco celebrates Dig Dug's 30 anniversary with webcomics

12:00 PM on 05.09.2012
Namco celebrates Dig Dug's 30 anniversary with webcomics photo

Despite being well-known these days for franchises like Tekken, Soulcalibur, and Tales, Namco Bandai has a bunch of old franchises that don't see much love lately. That's why they made ShiftyLook, an online platform that takes old games like Sky Kid, Rolling Thunder, and Wonder Momo and makes them into webcomics for free. And starting today, there's the first episode of a new podcast with a special announcement.

It's the 30th anniversary of Dig Dug, one of Namco's classic games and the inspiration for the awesome Mr. Driller spin-off. To celebrate, the company is gathering up webcomic artists and putting together a big collaboration. Over 30 creators have joined the project, with possibly more to come. And they're not just any chumps with MS Paint, either; these are some big, popular names attached, each with their own self-contained Dig Dug story.

It almost goes without saying that Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade are on board, along with close friends Scott Kurtz (PVP) and Kris Staub (chainsawsuit). But in addition, there are creators like Brian Clevinger (Atomic Robo), Matt Melvin (Cyanide & Happiness), Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics), R.K. Moylan (Something Positive), Zach Weiner (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal), and a bunch of the staff behind ShiftyLook's webcomics. There's a full list of contributors below.

I always love seeing modern takes on the classic videogames that helped create the industry. The collaboration will launch this summer. I wonder if Namco Bandai's Japanese side is reaching out to any Japanese artists to celebrate the series?

  • Raynato Castro (Buttersafe)
  • Jeff “Chamba” Cruz (ShiftyLook’s Sky Kid)
  • Javier Charro (Soul & Sword)
  • Brian Clevinger (Atomic Robo)
  • Mike Costa (Smoke and Mirrors)
  • Alex Culang (Buttersafe)
  • Omar Dogan (ShiftyLook’s Wonder Momo)
  • Joey Esposito (Footprints)
  • Greg Fisher (Vivian)
  • Dax “D-Gee” Gordine (ShiftyLook’s Bravoman)
  • Dean Haspiel (ShiftyLook’s The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies)
  • Marko Head (Vivian)
  • Jerry Holkins (Penny Arcade)
  • JJ Kirby (ShiftyLook title to be announced at London MCM Expo on 26 May)
  • Mike Krahulik (Penny Arcade)
  • Erik Ko (ShiftyLook’s Wonder Momo)
  • Scott Kurtz (PVP)
  • Nick Langley (Rocket Llama)
  • David Maliki (Wondermark)
  • Ben McCool (ShiftyLook’s The Five-Dimensional Adventures of Dirk Davies)
  • Matt Melvin (Cyanide & Happiness)
  • R. K. Milholland (Something Positive)
  • Matt Moylan (ShiftyLook’s Bravoman)
  • Hoang Nguyen (Carbon Grey)
  • Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics)
  • Robert “Robaato” Porter (Title to be announced Summer 2012)
  • Krishna Sadasivam (PC Weenies)
  • Elliott Serrano (Geek to Me)
  • Edmund Shern (ShiftyLook’s Scar)
  • Kris Staub (chainsawsuit)
  • J. Torres (Power Lunch)
  • Zach Weiner (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)
  • J. N. Wiedle (Helvetica)
  • Marv Wolfman (ShiftyLook title to be announced at London MCM Expo on 26 May)
  • Jim Zub (ShiftyLook’s Wonder Momo, ShiftyLook’s Sky Kid)

Additional Dig Dug collaborators will be announced at a later date.

Namco celebrates Dig Dug's 30 anniversary with webcomics photo

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