Naruto Ninja Storm 3 features Dragon Ball Z outfit, more

6:00 PM on 11.06.2012 // Josh Tolentino

And also a choice between Despair and The Will of Fire

Hey, you know what's big in Europe? Naruto, apparently, if the flood of news for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is any indication. I mean, sure, Naruto's big pretty much anywhere it is, but lately it's been events and trailers out of the Old World that have played primary source for anything about Cyberconnect2's next ninja opus.

The latest deluge comes in the form of a new trailer detailing some of the game's new level-interaction features, which mainly consist of being able to knock dudes into piles of wood and occasionally out of the ring. The latter can score a victory, but players can save themselves by sacrificing one of their assist buddies. Given the amount of attacks there are in a Ninja Storm game that can send players flying, methinks cheap ring-out wins could be annoying if there isn't an option to turn that stuff off.

Also new is a reveal of the game's limited editions, of which there are two. Called "Will of Fire" and "True Despair", the limited editions will come with a trading card, special box art, a poster, soundtrack, and a spiffy Banpresto-designed figurine. The kicker, though, is a download code to unlock a playable version of Naruto...wearing a Son Goku costume. It's not just cosmetic either, because an intrepid French gamer captured some footage of Goku Naruto in action (embedded below), and he's got a custom Rasengan animation that shows him delivering the blow with both hands, Kamehameha-style. DO WANT!

Sadly, the Will of Fire and True Despair editions are so far exclusive to Europe, with no announcements yet as to a North American or other regional release, which lends further credence to the "Big in Europe" theory.

Interested? I'm just wondering how many different versions of Naruto and Sasuke will be playable in-game. Generations alone had a whopping four versions of Naruto available, pre- and post-timeskip, counting alternate costumes.

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