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Navarre has 6 buyers interested in FUNimation

4:30 PM on 09.17.2010 // Crystal White

Most of you are probably aware that FUNimation is being sold by its parent company, Navarre. While it's still a bit of an uncertain situation, there might be some good news on the horizon. Currently, Navarre has six buyers interested in FUNi, and is expecting final offers from these companies within "30 to 60 days" though this does not guarantee that a deal will take place.

The CEO and president of FUNimation, Gen Fukunaga, signed a new contract in May that will require him to assist in the sale of the company, and for doing so he will receive $250,000 or 5% of the contract, whichever is greater. That's a pretty nice incentive to make sure the deal goes through well, and certainly for more money.

The interest of these buyers is certainly a good thing, and hopefully FUNimation will be sold soon, ensuring continuing North American licensing from the company for a long time to come. The outlook seems good, as even parent company Navarre is not selling FUNi due to disappointment, but rather a desire to focus on other endeavors.

There's no word on who the lucky bachelors are, but as soon as we hear names, we'll be on it faster than Snooki on a pickle.

Crystal White,
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