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New collaboration between Hello Kitty and... One Piece?

3:00 PM on 08.29.2011 // Chris Walden

Sanrio, a company that specialises in creating character goods, will launch a somewhat unique venture in November of this year by bringing the worlds of One Piece and Hello Kitty together at last. Of course, this means nothing but glorious merchandise! Apparently the concept (yes, there is a concept) behind this is that we will see our favourite One Piece characters "play in the world of Hello Kitty." Apparently becoming the pirate king isn't as big of a deal as it used to be.

Don't you fret though, Sanrio have you covered! Stationery, accessories and even clothing will be churned out of the money machine. This isn't even a temporary arrangement either, as the company has already stated that around 350 types of goods will be sold to the public within a year.

If anyone needs a hand looking after their money, I'll be happy to hold on to it for you. 

Chris Walden, Contributor
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