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New Kill-la-Kill characters revealed in Newtype

6:29 AM on 07.05.2013 // Elliot Gay

Sushio going in hard on this one.

My level of hype for Trigger's upcoming TV anime, Kill-la-Kill, has reached impossible levels at this point.

Sushio, one of my personal favorite key animators is handling the character designs, and the duo behind Gurren Lagann have reunited for this project. Basically I'm expecting it to be the best thing ever.

Scans from the latest Newtype magazine have leaked, revealing four new characters who I assume work under the primary "antagonist," Satsuki. These are some cool designs, and I can't wait to hear more about their characters. I do love me a good supporting cast.

On the far left of course is Satsuki. To her right is Nonon Jakuzure. Next is Houka Inumuta followed by Ira Gamagoori. Lastly is Yamauzu Sanage. Yikes, these are some hard to read names.

[via Yara-on]

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