New Little King's Story is awesome, resistance is feudal

11:00 AM on 03.28.2012

Konami and Marvelous AQL are just about to release a new Little King's Story game for Playstation Vita. Scheduled to hit Japanese stores today, the title will feature anime-style characters, downloadable content, and touch screen controls that will allow players to easily move and rotate characters at their convenience.

In addition to the artwork and controls overhaul, New Little King's Story will feature a social synthesis system that will allow players to cooperate in the creation of items. A separate network feature will also allow players to compete against each other and earn titles as they complete certain quests and timed missions.

Another neat feature that will be implemented in this game is an in-game hospital where injured characters can receive medical attention. In the original Little King's Story for Nintendo Wii, characters killed in battle would be gone forever; this was, of course, completely heartbreaking. You grow attached to those grunts, man!

According to an article published yesterday on Siliconera, downloadable costumes for New Little King's Story will be available starting next week. Could this game get any cuter? I think I might pass out -- Videos after the jump!

[Via Siliconera

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