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New Monster Hunter bags will solve any inventory problem

9:00 AM on 01.30.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Having problems with the Deviljo because of not having the proper items due to low inventory space? Well now you are in luck my fellow hunter, these new Monster Hunter messenger bags will allow you to carry more items compare to your normal bag. Large barrel bombs, pitfall traps, you name it, these bags will be able to store almost anything.

You will also have the option between a bag that features Cha-cha, Airou, and Kayamba, or one that is made from the hide of the deadly Bracchidios from Monster Hunter 3 G. Regardless of which one you pick, both have their own benefits. One represents your valuable comrade at arms, while the other shows that you have tackled a mighty foe.

What price can one get this new armament for? You only have to pay 3,045 yen ($39 US dollars.). If you are not into increasing your storage space, then you can also hire yourself a new Felynes and/or Melynx instead. All thanks to these new figures priced at only 500 yen ($6.50 US dolars.) each. Unless you want to fork over 4,498 yen ($58 US dollars.) for a nine pack.

While this sounds a bit pricey, I have always wanted to show off my proof of being a great hunter, other than having successfully hunted down every single monster in Monster Hunter Tri with three of the best hunters I know. If you are not into hunting down powerful monsters, then you can at least use one for storing your laptop and/or portable devices.

[via Siliconera]

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