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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

New Persona Q key illustration, fusion details, and guest contributors emerge

4:00 AM on 04.26.2014 // Elliot Gay

One hell of a collaboration

Each new week brings with it a host of new details about Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, Atlus' Etrian Odyssey-like 3DS Persona game. 

I'm completely okay with this.

This week we have a new key illustration in the form of of Rise, Fuka, Chie, Margaret, and the two MCs hanging out in the Velvet Room. Many elements from both the Etrian Odyssey and Persona series have found their way into PQ, and this week's Famitsu magazine reveals that even more gameplay bits have sneaked in. 

Like in the mainline Persona games, players will be able to fuse Persona together to create stronger monsters. The ever so useful Persona Compendium is back as well, making it easy to save your favorite creatures for later use. Street Passing is also enabled, letting players swap creatures and save them to their respective Compendiums. For those of you with friends far away, you'll be able to use QR codes.

Additionally, it's been revealed that the legendary Yuzo Koshiro will be composing tracks for Persona Q. Famous for his work on Etrian Odyssey, the Ys series, and a host of classic Japanese games, I can't wait to see how he approaches Persona's special brand of beats. Etrian Odyssey series character designer Yuji Himukai has designed some monsters for the game along with EO monster designer Shin Nagasawa.

What I had originally looked at as a kind of throw away title is shaping up to be a combination of some of my favorite video game contributors. If Persona Q turns out even half as great as it looks to be, consider me satisfied.

Check out some of the scans below, and feel free to join me in freaking out.

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