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New project teased by LovePlus developers

8:00 AM on 02.06.2013 // Chris Walden

I've already moved on.

It seems like it might be time to say goodbye to your LovePlus lady of choice, as it seems there's a new dating sim for budding gamers to prep marriage forms for. The project involves Akira Uchida (producer of New LovePlus) and Mino Taro (artist for LovePlus,) so fans of their previous work can rest easy knowing that it's in...good hands?

You can head on over to the teaser site to check out two of the six ladies that'll be giving away their hearts in the future. Seeing that large kettle that the girl on the left is carrying, I feel reassured knowing that we share at least one common interest. Tea is in my blood, you know.

No platforms have been announced, but it would seem awfully daft if this game didn't make its way onto portable systems. Not only does it make it easier to interact with your lady of choice on the move, but searching for a power outlet behind the altar to plug in your PS3 and TV would be darn silly. 

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