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Freedom Wars

New story trailer for Freedom Wars brings the drama

11:12 PM on 03.04.2014 // Elliot Gay

Fight for freedom

A joint development product by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, Dimps and God Eater developers Shift, Freedom Wars is one of the biggest upcoming releases for the Vita here in Japan. It takes place in a future where much of humanity has been arrested for crimes they may or may not have committed, and promptly sentenced to 1,000,000 years of incarceration. No trial, no struggle; you're guilty the moment you're caught. This is all in an attempt to strike back against overpopulation on a dying planet. 

Freedom Wars is all about rising up against that oppression, freeing your comrades and subsequently lowering the length of your sentence. Combat seems very similar to God Eater though it comes with a single very cool inclusion: a whip called "thorn" which allows players to swing across the battlefield. Up to eight players can engage in coop or head to head multiplayer, with a variety of gameplay options available for both modes.

Playstation Japan has uploaded a brand new trailer to their Youtube channel, this time highlighting the main story of Freedom Wars. Saving a mysterious girl, fighting the man; it's all in a days work. Check out the video above and let us know if you're excited in the comments below.

For what it's worth, I'd be very surprised if this one didn't make it out west.

Elliot Gay, Contributor
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