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New twin vocaloids Anon and Kanon to debut March 3rd

1:00 PM on 02.18.2014 // LB Bryant

The first official twin vocaloids debut soon

I love Japanese music but I've never really gotten in the whole vocaloid phenomenon. I know about the various vocaloids and saw Hatsune Miku's Anime Expo concert on DVD (I wasn't able to see it live unfortunately) but even if I had a gun to my head I couldn't name more than a couple of songs composed for the virtual idols. Despite that, I've always been very curious about the characters and their various origins which is why this story caught my attention. 

According to a press release put out by Yamaha, a new pair of twin vocaloids will make their debut on March 3rd in Japan. Named Anon and Kanon, these girls are the first twin vocaloids to ever debut (you'll note that Rin and Len are technically not twins). So who are Anon and Kanon? Well... according to their official statistics, they are 18 year old high school students. Kanon (the one with the longer hair) is the older sister with the stronger voice of the two while Anon is the younger sister who uses her gentle vocals. 

Anon is listed as being 160 cm tall and weighs 46 kg while Kanon is just slightly shorter at 158 cm and 43 kg. They also both enjoy dancing as their favorite hobby and bread as their favorite food. The big difference between them would be that Anon doesn't have a particularly strong subject besides history while Kanon is strong in P.E. and math. 

Ready to get an idea of what these girls can do? An official demo track was uploaded to YouTube and is available below. 

LB Bryant, Associate Editor
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