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New York Times' top ten manga for 1/28/13

11:00 AM on 01.28.2013 // Brad Rice

It's a bad week for the list, folks. We're seeing old volumes of titles crop up, which means that there's nothing new selling enough to warrant placement on the list. Missions of Love managed to top the list, but just below it is the first volume of Blue Exorcist. It's not exactly a triumphant conquering of the list this week.

1. Missions of Love Vol. 2 - Week 1
2. Maximum Ride Vol. 6 - Week 6
3. Blue Exorcist Vol. 1 - Week 17
4. Naruto Vol. 58 - Week 10
5. Black Butler Vol. 1 - Week 31
6. Bleach Vol. 54 - Week 3
7. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol. 3 - Week 6
8. Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit Vol. 1 - Week 5
9. Naruto Vol. 59 - Week 11
10. Loveless Vol. 10 - Week 2

Hopefully the lists will pick up soon, but that all depends on the publisher's schedule for big titles. All those big hits we saw in December? Won't hit again until late February or early March. Just have to hope for some new sleeper title to alight the public's interest.

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