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New York Times' top ten manga for 1/7/13

8:00 AM on 01.07.2013 // Brad Rice

Happy Monday to all you readers! The holidays have passed, and so have peoples' spending habits. If you're anything like me, you over-indulged in getting some people gifts, and now have to cut back a bit in spending.

That's certainly what most Americans did, taking a look at the full list of sales this week:

1. Maximum Ride Vol. 6 - Week 3
2. Blood Lad Vol. 1 - Week 1
3. Naruto Vol. 58 - Week 9
4. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol. 3 - Week 3
5. Naruto Vol. 59 - Week 8
6. Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Vol. 2 - Week 4
7. Alice in the Country of Hearts: My Fanatic Rabbit Vol. 1 - Week 2
8. Pandora Hearts Vol. 13 - Week 2
9. Bleach Vol. 53 - Week 2
10. Black Bird Vol. 15 - Week 4

A number of the items haven't surfaced in recent weeks, or are big names, but are pretty low on the list (Bleach, I'm looking at you!). This is a perfect example of when the overall numbers are actually really low, because then a dedicated fanbase can swing in and buy a title week one, sending it skyrocketing in the charts.

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