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New York Times' top ten manga for 3/19/12

7:00 PM on 03.19.2012 // Brad Rice


Happy Monday, readers! It’s a fresh week, chock full of titles from Viz. The company has once again taken the lead on the releases list this week, with six titles. Most of that comes from their biggest shonen series -- but it’s nice to see non-shonen offerings like Chi’s Sweet Home managed to secure a nice spot at #4.

Let’s take a look at the full list:

1. Naruto Vol. 55 - Week 1
2. One Piece Vol. 61 - Week 1
3. Black Bird Vol. 13 - Week 1
4. Chi’s Sweet Home Vol. 8 - Week 1
5. Air Gear Vol. 22 - Week 1
6. Psyren Vol. 3 - Week 1
7. Naruto Vol. 51 - Week 8
8. Pokemon Black & White Vol. 5 - Week 2
9. Soulless the Manga Vol. 1 - Week 2
10. Soul Eater Vol. 8 - Week 2

Overall, we’re seeing a really good rate of turnover in the charts, which the optimist in me says means that sales numbers are up, and that’s why we see such a huge level of turnover this week. The truly encouraging thing, though, is that both Vertical and Kodansha can sit alongside Viz on the list.


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