News: Kodansha and Dai Nippon buy 93% of Vertical, Inc.

8:52 PM on 02.24.2011
News: Kodansha and Dai Nippon buy 93% of Vertical, Inc. photo

Vertical, Inc. is one of the most interesting manga publishers out there right now. They've put out a lot of manga of the kind that makes you think that the manga industry is much less dependent on the Narutos and Bleaches and One Pieces of the world for support than it actually is. Ayako, Peepo Choo, Twin Spica, Chi's Sweet Home, and 7 Billion Needles are just a few of the pretty awesome manga and books they've published so far.

But publishing truly interesting material doesn't always pay the bills, and Vertical's occasionally made some uncomfortable jokes about themselves "not being around in 6 months."

Which makes it a pretty big deal that Kodansha and Dai Nippon, two of the biggest publishing players in all of Japan, have decided to invest heavily in Vertical, each buying approximately 46% of its value's worth, making their total ownership a whopping 93%. So yes, they bought it, pretty much.

According to Ed Chavez, Vertical's marketing head, the company's current publishing slate will not be affected, including its recent licenses of Princess Knight, Drops of God, and No Longer Human. The Vertical brand name will remain outside of Kodansha's other US imprints.

As for those scary-sounding jokes? Chavez had this to tweet:

"...we will stop making jokes about not bring around in 6 months…oh and we’ll finally start doing more prose again"

Awesome. Good on you guys!

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