Nice, Heroes VS's staff shows you 12 ways to duke it out

8:30 PM on 02.04.2013

Time sure flies by when you are piloting a giant robot, kicking evil to death, or changing into a giant form that lets you take down enormous monsters. As Compatible Hero fans wait for Heroes VS to arrive on February 7th, the proud individuals that made this game possible are battling it out in 12 different videos.

Heroes VS's arrangement of WBX ~W-Boiled Extreme~ does a fine job in keeping the hard-boiled beats that make W's opening theme very catchy. Though it's a shame that the same thing cannot be said about Switch On!, since the first part of the arranged version is missing that push that gets me charged up for Fourze

With those issues out of the way, Heroes VS looks like it could be fun, and card system plays an interesting role giving you buffs, along with helping players out with the Judgement Mode struggle. Until this week transforms into Thursday, Heroes VS's 11 (Not counting the one in the header) other trailers are waiting to be viewed below. 

[via JEFusion]

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