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Ninja Scroll returning with a new project

2:00 PM on 04.14.2012 // Chris Walden

It's been about nine years since Ninja Scroll: The Series was released, but that's not stopping Madhouse! The animation gurus have announced that something new is on its way, a little something known only as Ninja Scroll Project at the moment. It was announced at Sakura-Con this year by showing some short specials as teasers. 

I've heard some pretty bad things about the television series, but I've yet to touch that or the 1993 movie. Still, it's not like Madhouse aren't capable of making some quality shows, so perhaps fans of Ninja Scroll will be pleasantly surprised with the end product. We do know that this will be a continuation rather than a reboot, so you may want to brave the television series if you have only seen the movie so far. 

It's not really a series I'm familiar with, but we'll keep you posted on further revelations down the line. Believe it!

[via MAL]

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