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NISA announces The Everyday Tales of a Cat God premium

11:00 AM on 03.08.2013 // Josh Totman

Premium edition coming in June 4th

NIS America has announce the premium edition of The Everyday Tales of a Cat God (Nekogami Yaoyorozu). This 2 disc blu-ray set includes the entire 12 episode series including the retail only "13th" episode along with 7 mini-episodes. Also included in this premium set is the popular hard cover art book clocking in at 32 color pages. All of this is packaged in a nice slipcover for easy storage.

The Everyday Tales of a Cat God follows a cat god called Mayu that got into too much trouble in heaven and was cast down to Earth. There Mayu runs into the kind Yuzu who runs the antiques shop called Antiques Unlimited and takes her in. Little does Yuzu know how troublesome and lazy Mayu can be. Yuzu takes Mayu around town and tries to teach her that the simplest thing in life are the best.

You can still catch the series on Crunchyroll with a premium account.

View the press release here.

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