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NISA takes Imageepoch's Black Rock Shooter game West

8:00 PM on 11.28.2010 // Bob Muir

It seems like just yesterday we were reporting that Imageepoch, known for the Luminous Arc series, had announced three new RPGs, the most prominent of which is Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Hey, it was just yesterday! And now here we are, reporting that these games produced in moonspeak will be getting English translations courtesy of NIS America. That was a fast turnaround! I still remember the days when a fancy new Japanese game would come out and we wouldn't hear any hint of a US release for at least a year. Kids these days should count themselves lucky.

Ryoei Mikage, the CEO of Imageepoch, announced to Dengeki Online that NISA would be releasing their titles in North America and Europe. He stated that he chose NISA because their Disgaea sales exceed 150,000-200,000 units, which is apparently very impressive. (I don't think it takes into account that the first and most successful entry was released by Atlus.) Naturally, they plan to market the games, which also include Chevalier Saga Tactics and Tale of the Last Promise, to fans of JRPGs.

This marks the first official release of any Black Rock Shooter products in the West, so fans of huke's creation should be all over this. The game won't be out until summer 2011 in Japan, so the wait can't be that bad. Can you wait that long?

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