No cheating: School Days HQ is now in stock at J-List

7:00 PM on 06.28.2012
No cheating: School Days HQ is now in stock at J-List  photo

Good news visual novel fans that love to purchase their games through J-List, School Days HQ is now in stock and shipping for those who decide to purchase the game. 

While I have not experienced anything related School Days, I did hear about the ending that occurred due to the main character's mistake in not committing to one relationship. It looks like this sort of life breaking decision starts from day one, since one of your female friends ends up hooking you up with a girl that you have had your eyes on for quite a while. Right when things start to kick off, your best friend kisses you as you were about to thank her for the hook up -- yikes. 

I can see that one of School Day's strong points is how you deal with managing your relationship as you encounter many temptations and obstacles that will affect your fate. Since Jast USA brought over the HQ version, players will be treated to new endings, additional scenes, and high quality visuals. 

School Days HQ is available in the standard edition for US $39.95 in the J-List page for the game. If you are in the mood for some extra goodies, then you can purchase the special edition for US $59.95, which comes with a collectors box, a Makoto head keychain, and a Kotonoha 3D boobs mousepad. As a fair warning, both links are NSFW. 

[via J-List side blog]

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