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North American BD Edition of Arrietty: double the dubs?

8:00 AM on 03.08.2012 // Kristina Pino

Though details are slightly fuzzy on the deal, it would seem that at least the Japanese version of the Secret World of Arrietty Blu-ray release is going to have both the American English and U.K. English dub tracks on it. The source article I'm looking at states that Disney hasn't confirmed whether or not this is the case for the American release, though to be honest, I have to agree with some of the folks that commented on an earlier post on the matter: was there ever a need for two English dub tracks to begin with?

The release will, of course, include the original Japanese dub and all that jazz, for you folks that like to watch material in its original formatting. It looks like there are no fabulous extras to look forward to though, which is something I'm starting to accept. I remember the days when DVDs came with posters, mini pencil boards, stickers and all kinds of other freebies inside it. Now, they come in the size of a single volume but stuffed with discs so you can watch everything in any format you like, and maybe a reversible cover.

Regardless, I know I'll be in line to buy Arrietty at release, whether all the dubs and trimmings are included or not. Personally, I thought that David Henrie's performance as the leading boy role in the movie was soullessly lackluster. The only performance that tops his in lacking a pulse is Christian Bale's as Howl in Howl's Moving Castle. That's a topic for another article though, isn't it?

What I really want to know: do you care that the N.A. release of this movie may or may not have two English dub tracks?

[via ANN | See also: Flixist's review of Arrietty]

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