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Nyan Nyan Nouveau, a special wine just for cats

4:00 PM on 10.18.2013 // Tim Sheehy

B&H Lifes to class things up with this feline wine

A hot new Japanese product has been making the internet rounds over the past few days -- Nyan Nyan Nouveau, a wine being marketed specifically for cats. Some of you who've yet to read about it are probably questioning why anyone would ever want to poison their cats with alcohol, but you can rest assured there's no alcohol involved, despite how hilarious the image of a cat stumbling around all tipsy might seem. Instead, supplement-maker B&H Lifes have loaded the juice with vitamins, as well as a small dose of catnip to keep cats healthy and satisfied at the same time. It even uses real wine grapes. 

This, of course, isn't the first specialty drink the company has manufactured for pets. They also have a surprisingly successful line of beverages for dogs, such as "Wan Wan Beer," and "Wan Wan Sparkling Wine." Their success was what prompted cat owners to request a beverage of their own. Each bottle of cat wine retails for ¥399 a piece, and can be purchased online via their official site, although I'm unsure whether or not they'd bother shipping outside of Japan. Nyan Nyan Nouveau hits Japanese stores in mid-November.

[via wsj]

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