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NYCC '12: JManga adds Yozakura Quartet, Elemental Gelade

3:00 PM on 10.15.2012 // Brad Rice

Tons more manga to come from them

JManga loves to have people scream at their panel. A lot. For just about any reason, too. Now that I have my hearing back, I can finally get down to their announcements!

They've got a few titles coming up this week: My Heavenly Hockey Club, Yozakura Quartet, Fairy Navigator Runa, and Gakuen Prince, all of which are part of their boat-load of Kodansha titles. They also announced a few titles that are coming further down the line, such as Neko Ramen, Elemental GeladeAoi Hana, Yasuo and Kenji, and If You Wanna Destroy The World.

As JManga reminded us, they currently have 500 volumes available on the site, and they're going to be increasing that number by quite a bit. Their strategy appears to be a mixture of old title rescues and a number of never-before-seen titles.

If there's something you want to see JManga bring over, all you have to do is flood his inbox at info[at]jmanga[dot]com. He's willing to entertain whatever requests you guys have.

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