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Official Blue Exorcist page updates with movie teaser

5:00 PM on 07.31.2012

Kristina Pino


Just a week ago, we got a premier date for the upcoming winter movie for Blue Exorcist. Last night, we were alerted by Crunchyroll that the official BlueEx page has been updated with a brand new teaser. You don't get to see much, but CR does report that the basic premise has to do with a runaway ghost train. 

So, the highlight of the trailer? The always adorable and awesome and amazing Shiemi appears briefly, smiling.

Check it out below the cut. While you're waiting for the next news tidbit, you could also check out the gallery section of the BlueEx page, which has been updated with some production images. 

[See also: my review of the BlueEx anime series | watch BlueEx streaming on CR]

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