Oh noes, another Saki anime is coming

5:00 PM on 10.28.2012 // Josh Tolentino


Uh-oh. If you were thinking that a likely Saki-led victory in this year's Saimoe tournament would lead to a cooling-off for 2013, there's reason now to think again, because the dastards have announced a new Saki anime project is in the works for next year. Saki: Zenkoku-hen will be adapting the show's "National Tournament" arc, and we all know everyone loves tournaments, especially epic moe moe mahjong tournaments. The series will be produced by studio Gokumi and feature nearly all the key staff from Saki and Saki Side A.

I suppose we should just kiss 2013 goodbye. With some of Saimoe's finest legends retiring this year it'll take a truly spectacular moe showing in 2013 to put fear back into the Saki voting bloc.

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