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Old, New, and Abandoned? See what's up with Japanese Houses

7:00 PM on 06.17.2017 // Red Veron

Ore no house in the middle of the street

A few months ago, YouTube channel Life where I'm from, showed us what a modern Japanese home. While not anything extravagant, this new house looks to be similar to modern affordable housing in the United States, save for a few very clever features you would probably only see in Japan.

Now, Life where I'm from brings us a four videos about Japanese houses again and gives us a better idea of the housing situation is in Japan, which we rarely see in the various Japanese media. These videos showcase innovation and a fusion of modern with tradition, as well as some problems that need some good attention.

First of the videos is about the cost of a new house in Japan, second is about abandoned houses in Japan and why they get abandoned, the third is a tour of an old Japanese home that is more than a hundred years old, and last is a quick tour of a house exhibition center where prospective house buyers can take a look at some model homes.

Check out the videos below!

"How an Average Family in Tokyo Can Buy a New Home"


"Disposable and Abandoned Homes in Japan"


"What a Very Old Japanese House is Like"


"What a Japanese Home Exhibition Center is Like"


Red Veron, Contributor
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