One Piece crosses 310M volumes sold

2:00 PM on 05.29.2014 // Pedro Cortes

Oda celebrates with tonsil surgury

BREAKING NEWS: One Piece is pretty damn popular.

Well, that might not be so breaking. It's been at the top of the shonen game for years, and now we have some numbers to back that up. With the 74th (!) volume selling four million copies, the entire series has now sold over 310 million copies of manga. That's just obscene.

Unfortunately, the strain of creating a juggernaut like One Piece has caught up to its creator. Eiichiro Oda is going on a two-week hiatus to get tonsil surgery that he's been postponing. Apparently, he needed the surgery around this time last year, but was holding off because it didn't affect his ability to work.

Man, selling those types of numbers is something amazing. I'm pretty sure he never thought back in 1997 that he'd still be going strong and with sales figures like that. Big ups to Oda!

[via Ameba News]

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