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One Piece? More like two hundred million pieces.

6:00 PM on 11.03.2010 // Lauren Rae Orsini

Tomorrow, November 4, is a landmark day for One Piece in two ways. First, it's the day that the 60th volume of the manga will be published. Second, it's the day that officially 200 million copies will have been produced.

Even better, volume 60's press run will also be breaking a record with 3.4 million copies being printed. Which record did it break? Another One Piece record of course -- volume 59 had a press run of 3.2 million.

One Piece has been around since 1997 and Monkey D. Luffy still isn't close to finding that elusive treasure. It seems like several more records will be broken before the story comes to a close.

[via Alafista]

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