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Oreimo web radio is now taking your fan mail

2:00 PM on 05.16.2013 // Jeff Chuang

Taketatsu and Kanazawa will read your letters

Oreimo season 2's web radio show, hosted by Kana Hanazawa and Ayana Taketatsu, is soliciting oversea fans to write to them. One of the corners on the radio program showcases foreign fan letters, and they're asking for more comments. What's even more surprising is that the official web radio site is now translated into English, asking fans of the show all over the world to write in. This is perhaps the first time a Japanese anime radio show is going that far to solicit comments from oversea fans. Unfortunately the radio show itself is still untranslated.

For the uninitiated, many late-night TV anime have a spin-off radio show, hosted by one or more of the voice actors, and the show typically would run for three to six months, once a week or two. Typically a radio show is broken down into various talk segments, or corners. Sometimes it will have other members of the show's cast and staff as guests. It's another way to reach out to the fans and get more people to watch or read the related anime or manga. As both secondary marketing material and being purely verbal, these radio programs typically get no exposure overseas. 

Still, this is a great opportunity to write to Taketatsu and Hanazawa, the voice actresses for Kirino and Kuroneko, respectively. A few lucky writers will even have their letters read by them on the show. To do so, simply follow the instructions on the website for the radio show. While the radio program seems to entertain letters written in any language, the ones in Japanese and properly addressed will probably get the highest chance of being read. Besides the "Otakus of the World Unite" category, you can also send suggestions about the other corners, such as sharing a story about when you found your little sister to be cute, or suggest a new form of tsun or dere (eg., kuu-dere, tsun-tsun).

What would you write to them about? Do share in the comments!

Jeff Chuang, Associate Editor
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