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Oricon polls up the top 10 gravure models

10:00 AM on 08.14.2009 // Andres Cerrato

Like beautiful women? Of course you do. Japan likes them even better when they're busty and pouring out of their swimsuits. That's the world of gravure modeling and I won't complain about it. Oricon did a poll of 600 men in Japan asking who their favorite models were. Of course, they're all hot, busty and Japanese girls. What may surprise some is the age of the most popular gravure model, Aki Hoshino. She's 32 and still at the tops of the charts. Beauty does not go away once you hit 30.

Hit the jump for the rest of the countdown, or you can just simply browse the gallery and give no regard to ranking or names. If your're browsing alongside your significant other or your boss is around the office, I highly suggest you don't hit the jump.

1. Aki Hoshino

2. Azusa Yamamoto

3. Maomi Yuuki

4. Akina Minami

5. Yukie Kawamura

6. Sayaka Isoyama

7. Yoko Kumada

8. Misako Yasuda

9. Mikie Hara

10. Yuko Ogura

For the readers, who's your personal favorite? Myself, it's Mikie Hara. Why? Because she's Cutie Honey.

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Andres Cerrato,
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