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8:00 AM on 04.19.2014

Annotated Anime: Mushishi episode 3

Snow. I'm sick of of it. I'm sure most of you guys are, too, given that we on the east coast have had quite the winter. But it looks like there's plenty of snow wherever Ginko is travelling. And it sounds like the mushi he's encountering would be the worst mushi ever -- at least for me. Let's take a look at this week's episode.

Ben Huber

6:00 PM on 04.18.2014

Annotated Anime: Ping Pong episode 2

The focus switches from Peco to Smile this week, as he is about to be swept into something he doesn't want to be a part of. His coach wants to bring out his skills, but as we all know, Smile doesn't want to make that effort. Let's jump in and see where everyone is headed this episode. No matter what happens, we're going to get some Yuasa goodness.

Ben Huber

7:00 PM on 04.11.2014

First Impressions: Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of my most anticipated shows this season. It has an all-star cast, both of voice actors and animators, backed up by a talented auteur in the industry, Masaki Yuasa. However, you can have all the skilled staff in the world, but if the show itself isn't compelling, people won't stick around. How does Ping Pong hold up? I'll tell you, friends.

Ben Huber

4:30 PM on 04.11.2014

Annotated Anime: Mushishi S2 episode 2

It's so nice to be back in the Mushishi saddle. It's like a warm, cozy blanket that wraps around and comforts you with soothing music and beautiful art. We had a strong opening episode but I've got to say: episode 2 was even better. Yup, you heard me. Let's jump right in to my impressions.

Ben Huber

6:00 PM on 04.04.2014

First Impressions: Mushi-shi S2

I never expected to be writing that headline. A second season of Mushi-shi, the melancholic, atmospheric anime by Hiroshi Nagahama and the crew at ARTLAND never really seemed like a likely event. But yet, here I am writing first impressions of Mushi-shi season 2. I'm really excited, guys -- but in a relaxed, mystical way. You know, just like the show.

Ben Huber

6:30 PM on 04.01.2014

Fanfiction: what is it good for?

Fanfiction. What is it good for? Everything. And nothing. Sure, you might be able to create a variety of situations in which your favorite characters discover their budding sexualities while also crossing the boundaries of ti...

Ben Huber

5:00 PM on 03.30.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy episode 13

We're halfway through Space Dandy, but now we've got to take a break. Lame! At the very least, we're going out on a bang -- a QT-themed bang! Yup, as you may have gathered from the previews last week, this episode is all about QT and his love for coffee. Man, he sure does love coffee. I'm not missing anything here, right? It's just about coffee?

Ben Huber

6:30 PM on 03.28.2014

Final Impressions: Samurai Flamenco

Well, the final episode of Samurai Flamenco finally came out (thanks for that delay, guys), so now I can talk about the last installment of this crazy series. It's really hard to write about it, because so much of it feels in...

Ben Huber

6:00 PM on 03.23.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy 12

Dandy, you just go looking for trouble, don't you? We're almost done with the first season, and you still keep getting everybody into weird situations. Well, I suppose it's a good thing. Because otherwise we would've have a TV show in the first place. Got to keep that comedy ball rolling, eh? So how about a shape-shifting alien episode?

Ben Huber

8:00 PM on 03.21.2014

Annotated Anime: Samurai Flamenco episode 21

This is it folks, the end is nigh! This crazy roller coaster of an anime is almost over, and I'm glad you've all been along with me for the ride. So, how did the second-to-last episode go? Did Hazama confront all his fears? Maybe. Maybe.

Ben Huber

6:00 PM on 03.16.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy episode 11

This week on Space Dandy, something happened. A thing definitely occurred. I'm just not sure exactly what that was. I've got an idea, how about you guys just explain it to me? That'll work, right? This episode featured mind control, strange mathematical sequences, and moe books. I'm sure you can fit the pieces together and figure out it all works.

Ben Huber

8:00 AM on 03.15.2014

Annotated Anime: Samurai Flamenco episode 20

Where do we go from here, friends? It's rough out there for Hazama, even if he is the number one candidate for world president. Haiji, the crazy terrorist kid is bothering him at every turn... can Hazama convince everyone of the coming danger? Uh, maybe.

Ben Huber

8:00 AM on 03.10.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy episode 10

Is there an unwritten rule that shows need to have a time-loop episode? No, don't link me to the TV Tropes page for it. I don't need to see it. I already know what I'll find within that internet-tome. Anyway, enough of me babbling -- how did Space Dandy handle its time-loop tale? Find out below!

Ben Huber

5:30 PM on 03.07.2014

Annotated Anime: Samurai Flamenco episode 19

After all the insanity from last week, it's time for Hazama to take it easy. We can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the peaceful world he's helped create. No serious crimes, no violence, just an average life. It's so peaceful it's almost unsettling. I highly doubt that something crazy would happen abruptly and throw everything into chaos again, right? Right?! Oh.

Ben Huber

4:00 PM on 03.02.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy episode 9

I always say that the best part of Space Dandy is seeing the individual talents of each director and animator every episode. Variety is the spice of space, and Dandy visits just about everywhere. Even the plants are alive thi...

Ben Huber

3:00 PM on 02.28.2014

Annotated Anime: Samurai Flamenco episode 18

No, really. WHAT IS GOING ON? Samurai Flamenco, how can your writing be so good? It has no right being this excellent, given your material. This is probably the best episode of SamuMenco yet, but if you haven't followed the s...

Ben Huber

5:00 PM on 02.23.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy episode 8

Space Dandy wants to pull at your heartstrings. They want to make you laugh and cry. That's a tough line to walk. Can they succeed at doing both? Well, "The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby" does a lot of things right. I've got my full thoughts below.

Ben Huber

7:00 PM on 02.16.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy episode 7

Dandy, you're going to get yourself in trouble some day. Actually, I take that back -- you're in trouble all the time. How about... his antics will eventually get everyone killed! Wait, that happened too. Hmm, now I'm not sur...

Ben Huber

7:00 PM on 02.15.2014

Annotated Anime: Samurai Flamenco episode 17

Samurai Flamenco, I can always count on you to surprise me. This was actually one of the best episodes yet, because it combined so many of the things I've come to love about SamuMenco into one giant ball of bright colors, yelling, and silliness. In addition to just being entertaining, we're sticking with our favorite characters too, which makes everything more compelling. Flamenco Double Kick!

Ben Huber

5:00 PM on 02.11.2014

Review: One Piece: Romance Dawn

I've got some major love for One Piece. On top of keeping up with it on a weekly basis for about eight years, I've spent a good amount of money on merch. Figures, manga, art: I've sunk a lot of hours into getting all that stu...

Pedro Cortes

4:00 PM on 02.09.2014

Annotated Anime: Space Dandy episode 6

Variety is the spice of life, right? Every episode of Space Dandy is a bit different from the last one. Sometimes it's totally different! Each installment is a special snowflake that either flounders or stands tall above the rest -- which is episode 6? Is it a mess like episode 1 or a hilarious romp like 5? I'll tell you... right... now!

Ben Huber

5:00 PM on 02.08.2014

Annotated Anime: Samurai Flamenco episode 16

It's time for the time in every superhero's life when they have to face the most trying time of their career: being a fugitive and escaping the government! This week we have an entire episode devoted to Hazama's impressive escape skills, as he dodges the police and authorities on his way to find help. The big problem: he doesn't have anyone to turn to. Or does he?

Ben Huber

6:00 PM on 02.05.2014

A Look @ Fairy Tail Volume 33 & 34

Before we take a look at the latest volumes of Fairy Tail, let’s take a look at where we’re at in the story. The members of Fairy Tail are in the midst of the Grand Magic Games. Held to determine which guild is th...

Pedro Cortes

5:00 PM on 01.31.2014

Rock the Charts for the Week of 1/31

Once again, The Eternal Zero is showing little signs of stopping its domination of the Japanese box office. Japan has a habit of latching on to a film and keeping it in the #1 spot for 10 weeks or so, shrugging off all other ...

Brad Rice

4:00 PM on 01.29.2014

Rog and Tyrone, the inadvertent spokespeople of anime

By now you may have seen the videos floating around the internet. If you're a visitor to 4chan, you've most certainly caught a glimpse of the casual, laid-back battle that has been waged since December of last year, where two...

Ben Huber

8:00 AM on 01.24.2014

Annotated Anime: Recently, My Sister is Unusual Ep. 3

As Mitsuki and Yuya are forced to spend their time together in the bathroom, we learn a little bit more about why Mitsuki is so withdrawn and angry all the time. It turns out her "father" was a no-good loser and abused her as...

Brittany Vincent

7:00 PM on 01.18.2014

Go West! Sixty-One: Elliot's Longest Day

After approximately four hundred bajillion hours of travel across the world, I'm back in Japan. I'm still alive. That's right folks. Welcome back to Go West!, your one and only [insert-time-frame-here] column about new Japane...

Elliot Gay

4:00 PM on 01.18.2014

Annotated Anime: Samurai Flamenco ep. 13

I'll be honest: the last two episodes of Samurai Flamenco were good, but they didn't really grab me. This, though... this episode grabbed me. SamuMenco is best when it takes your happy expectations of tokusatsu adventures and...

Ben Huber

8:00 AM on 01.16.2014

First Impressions: Recently, My Sister Is Unusual

I hate little sisters. But I like perverse storylines. As Tim and the others on the latest podcast will probably attest, the fact that an anime series combines a chastity belt with a teenage girl having to do the pee-pee danc...

Brittany Vincent

5:00 PM on 01.15.2014

First Impressions: The Pilot's Love Song

"Boring" isn't a criticism I tend to use a whole lot. For starters, I often find that stuff other viewers consider boring is still interesting to me on some level. Furthermore, the term gets used too often as a synonym for "s...

Karen Mead

4:00 PM on 01.15.2014

A Look @ Hello Kitty: Delicious!

The first volume in the Hello Kitty (reviewed) series published by Perfect Square was all about travel, and it didn't disappoint; we went all over the world and beyond. This second volume promised to have our mouths watering,...

Kristina Pino

2:00 PM on 01.15.2014

Annotated Anime: Kill la Kill 13

2013 has come and gone, which means it's time for the return of TRIGGER's Kill la Kill. When last we left off, Ryuko was in a not so great place, the treacherous Nui was causing all sorts of problems, and Mako was off being M...

Elliot Gay

8:00 PM on 01.14.2014

Annotated Anime Roundup: Winter 2014 Week 1

And we're back! It's time now for the Annotated Anime Roundup, your deliciously late gaggle of short-form recaps and commentary on the latest and greatest in Japanese cartoon tomfoolery! We meant to start a couple of days ear...

Josh Tolentino

5:00 PM on 01.14.2014

First Impressions: Nisekoi

Once upon a time there was an awesome Jump manga series called Double Arts by a man named Naoshi Komi. A wonderful little story about a pair of people who had to hold hands at all times, Double Arts would go on to be canceled...

Elliot Gay

4:00 PM on 01.13.2014

First Impressions: Buddy Complex

Much as I love the place, I'd hate to be an anime recapper in Japan. Really, I would. Or rather, I'd curse my existence at having to recap a show that aired mainly on TV, as I'd only be able to see it once, at the time of bro...

Josh Tolentino

11:00 AM on 01.13.2014

A Look @ Nisekoi, vol. 1

Nisekoi turned out to be one of those happy discoveries you sometimes stumble upon when you aren't looking for anything particular, read a silly synopsis, and think, "Why not?" I wasn't too sure what to expect from this comin...

Kristina Pino

4:00 PM on 01.12.2014

Shonen Showdown 1-12-2014

It's the first Shonen Showdown of 2014! Hooray! And it's all anime, what with most of the manga taking their New Year's hiatus. But that's OK too, it'll give us time to meditate on the ideal state of filler content in our mod...

Josh Tolentino

12:00 PM on 01.12.2014

Happy birthday, Haruki Murakami!

Haruki Murakami, today's Jtor-honored birthday boy, isn't a character from an anime or video game, but a real person who is still alive and kicking. And to mark the occasion, I am joined by Brittany and Karen in sharing our l...

Kristina Pino

5:00 PM on 01.10.2014

Review: Oreshura

Oreshura, or Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, is an elaborate reimagining of a simple idea. Short for "My girlfriend and my childhood friend argue a lot," the shortened name makes marketing and looking up the s...

Jeff Chuang

10:00 AM on 01.10.2014

First Impressions: Onee-chan ga Kita

What would you do if one day you had a creepy older sister? Not just a creepy older sister, but one that seems to be totally obsessed with you? Run? Panic? Say you're totally fine with it when you actually think it's the weir...

Brittany Vincent

4:00 PM on 01.09.2014

Review: Ys: Memories of Celceta

Falcom's Ys series is the unspoken hero of the action RPG genre.  Starring red-haired adventurer Adol, the Ys games are sprawling quests that test your reflexes as they throw you into large worlds with monsters that desi...

Elliot Gay

4:00 PM on 01.06.2014

Japanator Awards 2013: The Special Awards

Now, when Karen introduced our Best Anime of 2013, she declared "No more wimpy little categories like Best Use of a Ferret in an Action Sequence or Best Perversely Erotic Scene of Classroom Destruction or what have you". Inde...

Josh Tolentino

1:00 PM on 01.06.2014

Final Impressions: Little Busters! Refrain

I commented several times that I didn't think that Little Busters! Refrain would wrap up completely within thirteen episodes. In fact, the midpoint of the series was moving at such a sluggish pace that it seemed all would be ...

Chris Walden

11:00 AM on 01.06.2014

Review: Aquarion: EVOL - Season 2, Part 1

When you think Shoji Kawamori, his work on Macross immediately comes to mind. It's been one of the most influential properties in Japan since it's debut. However, another major show that Kawamori worked on is Aquarion. You mi...

Pedro Cortes

8:00 AM on 01.03.2014

Final Impressions: Coppelion

It's taken me quite some time to write up my final impressions of Coppelion, because I've been so conflicted. I was eager for the show to begin and when it did, I was blown away by its refusal to adhere to "normal" color pale...

Brittany Vincent

8:00 PM on 01.02.2014

The winner of Japanator's best female character of 2013

This year in anime was all about the ladies, with intriguing female characters springing up left and right like some kind of fancy anime flowers in the Japanator garden. It was a good year for women (and girls) who broke the ...

Brittany Vincent

6:00 PM on 01.02.2014

Monthly Musings: Your favorite anime opening

Oha-lucky! Wow, it's already been a whole month. It's already 2014, too! The last time we gathered, dear Japanator community, it was 2013. Well, this year is the new hotness, and I'm back with another topic for you to tackle....

Brittany Vincent

3:00 PM on 12.25.2013

The winner of Japanator's worst anime of 2013

The anime industry shovels out plenty of bad anime every year, and usually that would make this decision a difficult one. After taking the time to whittle down our list, we held a vote to see which anime would take home our n...

Tim Sheehy

8:00 AM on 12.25.2013

Nominees for Japanator's best anime of 2013

Is it the end of the year already? Are you sure? Because I didn't conquer the universe yet. It's already December? Well, alright then. Guess it's about time to let the best anime series of 2013 to duke it out in a fight to th...

Brittany Vincent

6:00 PM on 12.21.2013

Nominees for Japanator's best video game of 2013

Gather around the fireplace, children, and Uncle Ben will tell you a story! Once, before these virtual reality gizmos and direct brain-jacks entertainment software, we had to play video games on a normal screen! Yup, it's tru...

Ben Huber

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