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Otakon 09: A look at the dealer's room floor at Otakon

12:00 PM on 07.18.2009 // Brad Rice

Much like back at Anime Expo, we took a quick run through the dealer's room before it opened, mainly to scout out the good stuff. Heavy hitters were there, like HobbyLink Japan and J-List (although we couldn't find their booth) -- not to mention our friends over at Mad Gear.

The economy being what it is, things weren't doing that hot. FUNimation's booth was fairly scaled back, even from the classroom setting and high walls that they had at Anime Expo. Bandai? No booth. Apparently they're set up over at the AnimeDepot booth, and that's where you can pick up the Kannagi DVD. Totally missed it, and that's what I've got to pick up tomorrow. No choice but to.

I'm currently writing this as we're driving home to Hitogoroshi's house, and had an interesting little conversation about figure sales. Each year, he says, figures sellers have been doing worse and worse. Nothing too surprising, to admit, but it's quickly becoming bleaker, and so that's why I guess some people have gone to desperate measures and are charging $75 for an Itoshiki-sensei Nendoroid.

$75. For a Nendoroid. Something that is normally $20-30 in Japan. It's cruel highway robbery, and I honestly feel bad for whoever ends up buying it, simply because they don't know any better. Many of the other figures dealers haven't been doing too well, and so there's nothing that's eye-popping. A lot of Vocaloid figures, for sure, but nothing too special.

Man, I hope things turn out better for the rest of the weekend in the dealer's room. We'll let you know the total damage for our swag at the end of the con, but let us know what you've bought already, and if you've seen any big ripoffs or any great deals -- here or in the past.

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