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Otakon 09:The panty stairway to heaven

2:49 PM on 07.17.2009 // Dale North

You know about the Otakon stairway, right? At the main entrance of the convention center, you'll ascend this stariway to reach the main hall were Otakon takes place. There's a kind of unsaid truth about the above pictured stairway: it was designed to see panties.

Okay, so it probably was not designed to see panties, but some have joked that the whole reason Otakon has their event here is so we can get a good upskirt view or two. It just seems to be set at the optimal angle for this. You can't help but notice. Look to your left and right when going up and you'll see plenty of grinning faces...or girls holding their skirts down. One unnamed attendee tells us that if you stay about four steps back from the girl in front of you, you'll be in the perfect position to see a bounty of booty. 

Not that we've looked or anything. And no, we did not take any upskirt pictures That would be wrong.

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