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Otakon '13: Cosplay

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Jeff Chuang

Associate Editor

12:00 PM on 08.10.2013

Otakon Red Operation

Otakon 2013 is underway and it's a big deal. The local hotels and restaurants is decked out with Otakon-themed menu items, pins, and doing their best to make Otakon 20th one of the best experiences in my memory of past Otakons. The cosplayers were out early and often since Thursday and things are just getting into gear on Friday.

Check out the gallery of some sample cosplays over the day. I have a weakspot against Vividred Operations, so you'll have to forgive the bias here. Whatever they're doing, they're doing a great job of it. As for general trends, Otakon is also shaping up to be another Jaeger party. Sally forth, Attack on Titan cosplayers!

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