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Otakus get creative with 3DS augmented reality

9:00 PM on 03.13.2011 // Crystal White

It was only a matter of time, really, before the otaku and hacking communities managed to find a way to play with the Nintendo 3DS augmented reality features much in the same way the Kinect has been modified. For those of you not in the know, the 3DS' augmented reality features work by scanning in a specific card using its external camera, which then allows it to generate an image that stays in the same area of space that the card does, creating the illusion of a fully 3D image residing in the space the card formerly did. The image can change the environment around it, or interact with it, such as a dragon that pops out of your desk.

However, this use of the augmented reality card is most certainly not what Nintendo intended. The video we have shows one creative 3DS user having programmed the card or 3DS itself to change the image on the user's screen from 2D into 3D. Oh and yes, it's an anime girl's chest. And yes, it now has jiggly, 3D boobs. I see the wheels spinning. Now you're imagining all the other wonderful possibilities these cards could give those who love their 2D girls in the computer screen. Or...maybe it's just me thinking about it.

Hit the jump below to see the video firsthand. I have no idea how this guy managed to do this, but kudos for him and his creativity...even if it is a touch creepy. So what do you think? Cool? Weird? Can you see hacked 3DS augmented reality cards being used in this manner frequently?

Crystal White,
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