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Paw at this Kuso Miso hug pillow's well-endowed manhood

8:00 PM on 07.29.2009

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Yeah, that's right. A hug pillow (or dakimakura) featuring Abe Takakazu of the legendary comic Kuso Miso Technique was on sale at Wonder Festival this year for the butt-hurting price of 12,000 yen (about $127).

Made by Questioners, it is a "stiff" daimakura, and is characterized by its life-size depiction of Abe in repose, his jumpsuit zipper almost completely pulled down, his piercing gaze practically screaming "yaranai ka?" ("wanna do it?"). The product's key feature is its prominent, fully contoured, three-dimensional, fully realized male member, lying in wait just under the zipper illustration. Attached at the base, it can be pivoted in any direction to suit the hugger's preference.

It's, uh, refreshing to see dakimakura designs grow in diversity, appealing to otaku of any persuasion. I just hope that this pillow was not made for the purpose of practicing the Kuso Miso technique.

Hit the gallery for pictures of this epic product, and the jump for its source of inspiration. God help us all.

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