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PAX 2012: Cosplay

10:00 AM on 09.03.2012 // Josh Totman

Couldn't catch them all

Just like every good convention that is geek related in any sense. There is always going to be someone in a costume. Luckily, I was there with my trusty camera to capture as many of them as I could.

There was so much good quality cosplay at the show it made my job behind the camera pretty easy. That and the fact that a lot of them were extremely attractive too both male and female. I almost feel bad taking credit for taking the photos because, to me, all I did was press a button. It was the cosplayers work on the costume that really shines or being able to pull the character off with a costume someone else made for you. Either or, I had a wonderful time chatting with them and sharing the pictures I took.

Links are below for the bulk downloads of the cosplay pictures in ultra high resolution. If you are a cosplayer that I gave a card to and can not download the bulk of the pictures. Shoot me an email that is on the card with who you were and I will send them to you.

Cosplay part 1, Cosplay part 2, Cosplay part 3

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