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Perfume launch new English site & get their drink on

8:00 AM on 06.27.2011

Hiroko Yamamura


I love Perfume! Japan's hit technopop outfit are having gigantic year, finally gaining some much deserved exposure in the US. Their classic hit Polyrhythm was just featured in the sound track for Cars 2 film. To celebrate their late introduction to the West, they have finally launched an English site!

The Perfume ladies may not be the newest gals on the block, but I think they still have a really fresh sound. After the break we've pulled together a video of their newest Kirin commercial, a commercial for their newest single Laserbeam, and of course the classic Polyrhythm music video. Let's wish Perfume the best in the Western market, I know they deserve it.

[Via Tokyo Hive]

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