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Persona 4: Arena's story mode looks better and better

9:00 PM on 05.17.2012 // Elliot Gay

Thanks to Atlus and Famitsu, the steady stream of Persona related media continues to flow, this time with images from the story mode of the upcoming Persona 4: Arena fighting game. Today we get to take a look at Yukiko and Kanji's respective story modes, with the latter's images implying that the Shadow versions of the characters seem to have made a return.

According to the summaries on Famitsu, Yukiko's story begins as she's making a lunch box, presumably for Yu, to show that she's improved her cooking abilities since he was last there. With lunch box in hand, she's sucked into the TV and meets a mysterious girl who she eventually begins to bond with.

Kanji's story mode begins with our favorite former-delinquent making a stuffed animal for Yu. While in the middle of sewing the thing together, he ends up dozing off and when he wakes up finds himself standing in front of his school. Assuming it's a dream, he decides to challenge himself by entering the midnight arena.

I'm personally intrigued by the image of Yukiko chatting with what would appear to be Shadow Labrys. As someone who's played the arcade version multiple times, I'm super interested in any glimpses at the expanded story mode that we get. Pretty much none of the stuff seen in any of the recent media releases exists in the arcade game, so I can't wait to get my hands on it come August. 

Check out the Famitsu images below!

[via Famitsu]

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