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Persona 4 iPhone cases are as sexy as they are expensive

11:00 AM on 06.16.2012

Elliot Gay


My Playstation Vita is currently a den of Persona 4 love. It's decked out in a colorfully stylish P4 skin and is sporting a killer wallpaper featuring kungfu gal Chie. I've attempted to do the same for my iPhone but haven't had as much luck finding something that works.

Fortunately I won't have to anymore.

Dezaegg, a company that's been selling lots of Japanese game related phone cases and the like is gearing up to release a series of Persona 4 iPhone 4/4s shells completely with matching wallpapers. There's one for every member of the investigation team, so you won't have to worry about seeing you favorite left out.

Unfortunately the price is pretty damn steep: one case will run you 3,980 yen and will be releasing this July. Dezaegg doesn't ship internationally, but I imagine that won't be much of a problem for too many folks if they use a proxy service.

You better really love Persona 4.

I'll be placing my order for a Chie case. What about you?

[via Jin]

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