Pinky: St vs. Kimi ni Todoke = HHHNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

7:16 PM on 06.10.2010 // Colette Bennett

I decided that, considering my love of Hatsune Miku, that it would simply be ridiculous of me to attend a con and not cosplay as her this year, but my closest second choice was to go as the deeply charming Sawako from everyone's favorite shoujo anime, Kimi ni Todoke. I'm not conviced I won't whip the costume together eventually, but when I laid eyes on these ridiculously charming new Pinky:St figures of Sawako, I experienced a deep stab of regret I hadn't chosen to cosplay her this year instead. LOOK AT HER CUTENESS!

AmiAmi has opened preorders for her at only 1.180 yen, and all I can say is, if you love the show and you don't get this, you're just dumb. That's all. She comes out this month, so don't wait. And yes, she comes with both faces and outfits. I LOVE YOU SAWAKO! (And so does Kazehaya, but that's another story...)
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