Pizza-ne Miku: Domino's Pizza to make a Vocaloid song

Oct 24 // Josh Tolentino    @unangbangkay

That I used C.C., a Pizza Hut shill, for this header tells you who's winning this war

Pizza chains are to Japan's nerd sector what Mountain Dew is to America's gamers: brands willing to tie in with just about anything that the kids are into. And what are the kids into into? Vocaloids.

Domino's Pizza has just announced that, at a suggestion by Miku's maestros at Crypton Future Media, to make their very own Vocaloid song. A preview of the composition project is below, and you can check out more details here.

So far, so Mountain Dew, right? There is one pretty cool thing I find in all this stuff that, were it to involve a flesh-and-blood idol, could be interpreted as selling out. Domino's project involves composers and artists recruited out of its pizza delivery staff, and not some high-profile pro studio. I think that's a great idea, and keeps very much in line with Miku's community-sourced roots. 

Whatever the result of Domino's new amateur artistes' efforts, the company gets my kudos for that. I look forward to hearing what comes of it.


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