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Plug into some more Giga Dino Breaking Kyoryuger images

10:00 PM on 12.24.2012
Plug into some more Giga Dino Breaking Kyoryuger images photo

Okay, so I was exaggerating a bit in regards to these new images for Kyoryuger; however, the Kyoryujin is going to use a drill as one of his weapons! Sure, it may not deliver the Giga Drill Tail Breaker attack (that's my nickname for the attack) that Abaranger's Abarenoh uses on it's foes, but the weapon does remind me of the drill that's used by Boukenger's Daibouken. 

Looking at the henchmen in one of the scans, they do resemble the grunts from Abaranger, since they happen to share the same color schemes with the Evolien's grunts. Thus increasing my hype for the show once again, due to Abaranger being my second favorite Sentai series. 

As I keep seeing more images of the team's designs, I am beginning to appreciate the costumes a bit more. And at this rate, my desire to own an S.H. Figuarts of the team is increasing with every update. 

You can charge up your dance moves, and check out the new scans in the section after the jump.

[via Henshin Justice]

Plug into some more Giga Dino Breaking Kyoryuger images photo
Plug into some more Giga Dino Breaking Kyoryuger images photo
Plug into some more Giga Dino Breaking Kyoryuger images photo
Plug into some more Giga Dino Breaking Kyoryuger images photo
Plug into some more Giga Dino Breaking Kyoryuger images photo

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