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Podtoid-san 19: When angels attack edition

6:23 PM on 06.25.2007 // God Len

John can’t join us this episode because he is fighting to protect the world from the third impact; so give him hugs. In this episode Aaron Linde from Destructoid joins us for a little bit to talk about his one true love in this world. Other than that we speak about the many convention that are happening over the summer and the ones we will be attending. Enough about us, what cons will you be attending this summer? Starring: Dick McVengeance God Len Zac Bentz And video game ‘bad boy’ Aaron Linde 00.00 … John fights for Dick McVengeance’s love, (tear) 02.15 … Sorry fans of Podtoid-san, DMV needs to bring in the groceries 03.00 … Con talk – featuring Gackt 07.45 … Eyeshield 21 is getting it up the pooper 09.25 … Dance! It’s break number one 13.55 … Surprise, we like anime games 18.55 … I don’t care if you call me otaku 24.40 … What is Japanator? Break music featured from Kia’s Wednesday Artist Spotlight: Chihiro Onitsuka You can download it here! Enjoy.

God Len,
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