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Podtoid-san 64: Not quite as cool as Mario 64, but still fun edition

3:06 PM on 07.03.2008 // God Len

Mario 64 is one of those games that belongs in a museum. It was the first of its kind, and was the foundation behind a genre. Podtoid-san 64 might not be as cool as Mario 64, but belongs in a museum as well. Of course Podtoid-san would be in the Japanator wing, alongside stuffed reproductions of myself and John Martone. However, I got a funny feeling the food court in this wonderful museum would suck though. We can’t win them all.

This week we have Scott from Anime Almanac on the show, though you might know him by his Native American name, Hates Fansubs Running Wolf. We discuss in full the destruction of PIQ and why its sad to kick a jumping dog. Why a certain panel that took place in Anime Next will invoke such strong emotions from those who participated in it. Finally, we talk about why ADV is selling office supplies now, and wonder if they will be the next Office Max. That and so much more, check us out now before we are in a museum.

God Len
John Martone
Scott  (Anime Almanac)

02:25   Don’t make fun of PIQ
08:00   Anime Next is full of fansub hate
24:00   Street Snap event, become a Harajuku whore!
26:45   Break! “Katamichi Catch Ball”
31:40   ADV sells off office supplies
46:15   First anime Jeopardy!   
52:40   Quick hits
1:07:45 Reader questions!
1:15:50 JAM Project sings us “Asu e no Houkou”

You can download the show here, add the feed to your RSS, or find us on iTunes. and here is the award winning TORRENT

God Len,
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