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Pokdex complete: Meloetta to grace North America's stage

10:00 PM on 02.04.2013 // Salvador G Rodiles

North America can now catch em all!

In case you haven't been able to take advantage of the Pokémon Global Trade Center to aid you in catching em all, Meloetta will be making her spectacular debut in North America. Thus giving you the chance to become a Pokémon Master before Pokémon X and Y releases worldwide. 

If you are going to use Meloetta in battle, its Aria form is a Normal/Psychic type, so you only have to worry about Bug and Dark types getting in your way. It can also change into a Normal/Fighting type, which adds more weaknesses than benefits. However, there is probably a special strategy that can only be used by her Pirouette form, since it specializes in high attack power and speed. 

Meloetta will be available at Gamestop via Mystery Gift on March 4th for the U.S, and the trainers of Canada can catch theirs at EB Games on March 9th. Best of all, Meloetta can be obtained by those who own Pokémon White, Black, White 2, and/or Black 2

[via Destructoid]

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