Possibly my new jam: Cosplay idol group panache!

9:48 AM on 01.14.2013 // Dale North

That name

It might be too early to call, but I'm going to anyway: my new jam will be idol group panache!. And they're not just your everyday idol group, either. Try cosplay idol group. Oh, and look at them! LOOK!

This trio (Akira Itsuki, Enako, and Kuroneko) are legit, experienced copslayers that make their own outfits, says Crunchyroll. And now they're a musical gruop. Their single "Sky View is set for next month, out from Sony / DefSTAR Records.

Think the name panache! is cute? Definitely. They couldn't have come up with a better name. Speaking of cute: their Facebook page is packed with mere ridiculous levels of cute, but the introduction video below has face exploding levels of cute.

Here's hoping we hear more from them soon.

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