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Post-TGS 2007 Akihabara cosplay (and crossplay) round up

5:43 PM on 09.28.2007 // Dale North

While we would normally be inclined to pack two extra suitcases to Japan to hold all of our cosplay photos (and anime goods), we had some other business to attend to and didn't have as much down time as we would've liked. That being said, we did make it out to Akihabara on Sunday to snap a few photos of cosplayers in their natural habitat.

See Man-Haruhi, Kagami, other crossplayers, and the the lowdown on the Dirty Underwear Guy (pictured above) after the jump.

Dirty Underwear guy was simply standing in the street (they close the streets down on Sundays in Akihabara), randomly doing pelvic thrusts and moaning. We happened upon him at the height of his fame. No one would get close, but everyone was snapping pictures. 


I almost felt bad for the guy. He really just kinda kept to himself. If it wasn't for the crazy pelvic thrusts, he could've stayed there all day. Instead, police ran him off. He quietly picked up his bags and thrusted off (seriously) into the distance.


Man-Haruhi was a crowd pleaser.


These He-Maids? Not so much.


This cute girl had a cute ferret.  


The two staples of modern cosplay.

Here's a combo platter:




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