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Crossdressing mag 'Otoko no ko club' hits shelves in Japan

12:00 PM on 05.26.2009

Dale North

Associate Editor

If you like boys that dress up as girls, or are a boy that dresses up as girls, then Otoko no ko Club is your magazine. I like the name Trap Magazine better, but this works, I guess. 

Boys as girls is gaining in popularity in Japan, apparently. This magazine changed its focus due to the newfound popularity of crossdressing, says Canned Dogs. The editor says that aside from the full-blown man-to-woman crowd, they're also catering to the new otaku types that want to casually mess around with putting women's clothing on. Are you one of those?

If you're...curious, has this fine publication available for purchase now. If you're even more...curious, you can see the rest of that cover picture in our gallery below.

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Dale North

Associate Editor
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